The games department is a very active department full of youthful vibrant and sports loving patrons. The department has various disciplines/sports as listed below.






5.In-door Sports like


-Table tennis

-Lawn tennis


The coaches for these sports are


1. Mr Morendi                        (Soccer)

2. Mr Nyangoya                     (Volley-ball)

3. Mr Ondicho                         (Rugby)

4. Mr Osusu/Mr Abuga           (Hand-ball )

5.In-door Sports


a)    Mr Nyangoya                  -Badminton

b)    Mr Abuga                                    -Table tennis

c)    Mr Omwoyo                    -Lawn tennis


Over the years we have celebrated many victories and we’ve also had our share of challenges. Our rugby team has represented us competitively at the Nyanza Provincial secondary school championships since the year 2007.

 The same is true for the Hand ball team, which managed to be the Nyanza Provincial runners-up in the year 2008 and the year 2010.

Our Indoor sports have kept growing in their experience. The table tennis team has represented the Nyanza province at the National Secondary School ball Games up to the semi finals in the year 2007 and the year 2009. In the other years they managed to reach the Provincial semi-finals.

However, despite the above achievements the department has witnessed a number of hiccups ranging from:

- Lack of enough exposure especially for the students. The school an SDA   sponsored school cannot allow the students to participate in sporting activities on Saturdays.

-The coaches also lack enough experience and exposure ie sporting clinics.

-The senior students (form 4 )who reach their peak in their final year are not able to train in this final year because of the rigorous academic programmes.

 This year 2011 has been a very interesting one for the school in terms of the internal events. The teachers’ soccer team played with the school team in 3rd term and put up a very spirited fight. Though the teachers lost 2-1 to the students team,goals which were conceded in the first half in time span of 5 minutes the teachers missed about three clear scoring opportunities.Mr Omwoyo powerful shots did not find the target. In the first half one flew a few inches over the post while in the second half another of his shots was caught by the keeper.Mr Morendi who normally plays in the mid field went forward to harass the student defence but with his reputation as a deadly shot the students marked him two or even three players at a time. Un-wise substitutions in the teachers team added to making it weak. They have promised to train more and invite the students for friendly matches once schools open.In volley ball the teachers team, led by the Deputy principal showed a lot of experience as they took 2 out of the 5 sets played. Mr Nyangoya who had played the entire soccer match retired early and wasn’t there for the final three sets. The school chaplain played well though by the third set fatigue took over. The highlight of the match was when one student,Stephen  Osumo took up the deputy principals challenge and tried to ‘spike the ball like a man’,only to get a heavy block from the deputy principal. The school volley ball captain Caleb Nyagwoka took the cue when his blocked team mate went toppling backwards to the ground, and  looked for spiking without incurring personal bodily harm.

To conclude, I call upon all the stake holders to keep on supporting sports since it is one of the pre-requisite in the psycho-motor domain of life.









 PRINCIPAL-Mr Gerald Orina I feel greatly honoured to be at the helm of this …

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